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TWP6: A Fence Clogged Full Of Dogs And Cats

In the sixth episode of The Woodworking Podcast we’re talking about

Episode notes:

Big thank you to Kati Brazil, Tim Rawlings, Jacob Baker, Chris Matthes, Kevin Miller for making a donation!

  • Breaking News:
    • Nick – is done done with his TV lift cabinet and is now building his next project on top of it.
    • April – Building a coffee table for her living room.
    • Jay – Starting the never ending editing cycle
  • Referenced Channels: 
  • Submitted Questions:
    • Tom moores – I like to listen to podcasts at work but most of the time there isn’t any Wi-Fi, can you make it possible to download a mp3?
    • Andy Lynch – Do you have a specific price point in mind per item you make? I have noticed that even simple shop projects seem to be using very nice plywood or hardwood. What do you consider when selecting materials or projects? Do any of you have a video that has gone ‘viral’? What would you consider this threshold to be and would you ever build a project to specifically have this effect? (Steve Ramsey has mentioned doing just that and it was hit or miss). Do you believe it would be worth trying?
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  1. James Daly

    Hi I live in uk and love your stuff ,unfortunately we get very few opportunities to attend woodwork shows here so I watch as much of you guys as possible on the various media channels .Keep doing your stuff as we in uk love it
    Cheers James Daly

  2. Dave (KSFWG)

    You can open your garage door???!!! Dang!! You really are taking this shop organization thing and going to the max with it!! That’s just scary!

    Oh, make me a sammich too! Extra sharp cheddar cheese, please!

    Great audio show ! Thanks Jay, April, and Nick!

  3. Andy Lynch

    Thanks for answering my questions! I look forward to your Wisconsin visit, I live in Wausau which is just west of Nick. April, my daughter will be very excited to meet you!


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