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TWP32: Dust Collection & A Brass Axe

Episode notes:

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    • Hey Jay-Pril Ferry (three in one) ! Just a reaction to your last episode, and the ‘blen/blunder’ of April with the axe handle. I had the exact same thing happening to me last week, when gluing up a carefully hand crafted mallet head in reverse on its handle… (see picture of the glue up with epoxy : – dont mind my epoxy made recipient) So unfortunately I noticed it after the epoxy had set, and had to saw the sides to make the mallet work, but now I have a tiny awkward mallet to remind me to check EVERYTHING before glue up… ( Kind of like measure twice cut once, but in this case, it is more check twice, glue once! Anyway, thanks for sharing this blunder April, I feel less alone in my misery 😉 Keep up the great work and podcast! All the way from Belgium, Kévin Moulart
    • Leo Jewitt – Hello! I am a listener and enjoy of the podcast. I’m an apprentice carpenter, and amateur woodworker. My question is how do you find inspiration for designing projects? I have a couple cabinet projects to tackle, and am having a hard time designing them. How do you do it? Thanks!
    • David Fensler – Did I hear you mention on a podcast that there might be a woodworking show or meet & greet in Oklahoma? Do you have any more details on this?


  1. Dave (KSFWG)

    AJN (April – Jay – Nick) It’s always great to hear you guys talking – shop or otherwise. Thanks for the podcast!

  2. Stephen Coster

    Hiya, fantastic broadcast, thank you.
    April I’ve just seen some dumb-bells on Twitter very pricey but cast with things like ‘Train hard or go home’ on them. #Do it yourself… stick to cog, lol

  3. Saint Nicster

    So not grounding the new dust collection…

    Jay, didn’t you determine that the static electricity buildup in the DC hose discharging into your tripod stand was what caused your old camera to freak out/change exposures mid shot?

    Yes, you have a new stand and most replaced with rigid piping that isn’t on the floor, but you had a specific thing being caused by that static that directly related into you buying a new camera.

    To me, this is a similar vein of thought related to the respirator and/or whole-head mask. If the dust collection is “good enough”, then why have either mask? Because you want as many backups available to prevent damage, right? Seems like the same would be valid for grounding the system. What is the extra time/expense cost of grounding your DC system vs what it would take to replace another camera or any other electrical equipment should something accidentally touch and get shocked?

    I feel like I’m likely coming across as a jerk, and as overreacting, so oh well :( Just feels like something that was overlooked.

    anyways, have a good day.

    1. jaybates

      I’ve been telling people that I’ll ground it if it shocks me. The reason the old system shocked my last tripod was because the tripod was extremely close and sometimes touching the dust hose.

  4. Stephen Coster

    Hiya, I follow on i-tunes and can hear all 32 episodes. All 32 are fantastic and I’ve loved every single one. The three of you are great together please continue for many years… # you should lol…


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