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TWP21: 100% Positive That Maybe Imperial > Metric

Episode notes:

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    • Keith Crawford – I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a problem I ran into. I started a project for a live edge serving board and noticed it had a significant cup running the length of the middle of the board. The material is 1″ thick. I was wondering if you had any tips for getting the cup out of the board?
    • Lewi Uberg from Norway – The problem here is that we are just 5 million people, so much of the tools etc. you use (and I’m a tool nerd) is hard to get. In example i only know of 2 stores that sell t-tracks in this country. I’ve bought somethings from the US, but we use the metric system, so many things that would help me, would just confuse me. What’s your opinions on the metric system?
    • Ian Thatcher – I see tons of people using blue painters tape on their drill bits to mark the depth they want to drill a hole. I have never had great results with this the tape always seems to move on me. I could not find my tape one day and looked through the drawer and found some teflon pipe thread tape and was amazed by how well it works. Everyone has at least one roll of it if they have done any plumbing projects, i know i buy one every time i need to do some plumbing. Its bright white so its visible and it sticks right to the bit and does not move. When i am done with it i just zip the bit through a piece of scrap and it is gone. I have not seen anyone use this before and really want to spread the word.
    • ed gonzales – have you had experience with woodriver planes?


  1. Page Bonifaci

    Hey Nick, thanks for pronouncing the ‘ch’ sound in Bonifaci. Even I don’t bother most days, it confuses people :).

  2. Hedware

    There’s only four countries that are not really using the metric measurement system. One country happens to be the US. But the US Armed Forces and many US industries and US exporters use metric.

    1. Chuck St. Louis

      Over here in Latin America both systems are in use. It’s about 50/50 imperial vs metric.
      SAE bolts are cheaper and more widely available. The cars are all metric of course and land is sold by the meter.
      But wood, steel, piping and most materials are sold in English system. Air bus uses the imperial system and all aviation outside of Russian systems use imperial measurement for navigation purposes etc.
      I like metric system for chemistry and for old stile vernier calipers.


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