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TWP18: Outfeed Tables & WIA

Episode notes:

  • Thank you to the following contributors:
  • Instagram Links:
  • Breaking News:
    • Woodworking In America 2016. We plan on hanging out after the show on Saturday the 17th of September at the Morelein Lager House. It’s a 17 minute walk across the bridge into Ohio (according to google maps). Here’s a link to the place:
    • Patreon! Check out 
    • Nick – Working on accessories for outfeed table with a messed up calf.
    • April – Working on folding outfeed table
    • Jay – Preparing for two weeks of travel.
  • Referenced Channels:
  • Submitted Questions:
    • figueroa_concepts – Do you guys ever talk to yourselves when you’re in the shop? I do, my wife trips out about it lol.
    • petitefromage – What is the one thing you wish someone would ask you, but they never do?
    • thedanhelfgott – Flocking vs adhesive-lined felt for box interiors? And if neither, what would you go with?
    • robertdecambraEssential – gear to get started in Woodworking
    • julianwoodworking – What is your least used tool?
    • meltshop_fce_lmf – Y’all like pull saw or push saw?
    • sterkenjan – Buying big ticket machinery… Tips?
    • m.j.lawler – Whats the link to the pod cast?.. I’m a little behind. 😉
    • ry_an71 – What is the best way to source local wood or stock without paying big bucks at hardware chains
    • aaroneubank – Do y’all have any interest in woodcarving? If so what project would you incorporate it into?
      • Stinnett Sticks:
    • Xegesis – I was just curious why we don’t see more longer complex projects from most woodworker videos.
    • Jonathon George – What style would you like to try to build in that you haven’t tried yet? (i.e. Mid-Century Modern, Art Nouveau, Misson, ect.)


  1. Frederick McIntyre

    Thanks for another great episode guys, I think a live show would be great, even if it wasn’t something you could make time for every week, I think a once a month live show where the audience could comment or post questions would be really cool.

  2. SaintNicster

    Bit of kickback (to steal from other podcasts) :)

    As far as longer projects, I say break them up into smaller parts over multiple weeks, then serialize and release as you go. Don’t feel the pressure to have it fully done before you release. The thing popping into my mind is John Heisz’s recent series where he built a new miter station over 7 videos. I just think something like this would help with the pressure (feels mostly like from April) of “have to get a project done this week. Smaller bites of a project, maybe a technique focus.

    And the patreon may need a little setup work. You’ve got it setup as per-podcast, but as of right now, not seeing the podcast entry on the feed. Might be better to switch it to a straight monthly contribution.


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