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TWP16: Shop Projects and Answering More Questions From Last Week

Episode notes:

  • Thank you to the following contributors:
    • Christopher Mann
  • Instagram
  • Breaking News:
    • Nick – Water heater – desk
    • April – Finished lathe stand, designing outdoor shower and folding outfeed table
    • Jay – Finished a new clamp rack. Like most other shop improvmeents, I should have done it sooner. Preparing for WIA and Michigan trip
  • Submitted Questions:
    • Greg – I am on the fence as to whether or not to buy a band saw. It seems like most of the stuff that you can do with one can be done with table saw, circular saw, or jigsaw. What are the pluses and minuses to a band saw?
    • Keith Crawford – what type of Epoxy do you guys use/prefer? Either to adhere things, or to fill cracks.
    • Ainslee from Australia – How do you deal with neighbors and noise? Do you worry you are annoying people?
    • eifelpfeil – Have there been projects, let’s say in the last year, you wanted to do, but did not dare to? Greetings from Germany.
    • patrickjerome – With family life and shift work life I get limited shop time so tend to rush projects. Does this happen to you? And what do you do to stop rushing?
    • sirguido1 – Favorite non woodworking hobby?
    • thedanhelfgott – How much of your woodworking skills are classroom/mentor taught vs. self taught vs YouTube taught? @jaybates86 (But I also want to know whether you’ll go with cheapo pine or $$$ cherry for the arm-war…)
    • Graham Howe – I was recently inspired by Jay’s idea for a computer armoire. I designed my own version in Sketchup and then started to work out the price for a solid cherry and cherry ply build. It came out at about $1500 in materials, the reality is that to buy a piece like this would probably be over $5000, but I am struggling with the cost. Why is it that as woodworkers we seem to find it far easier to spend lots of money on tools (when cheaper options are definitely available) and yet balk at spending money on decent quality materials?


  1. Dave (KSFWG)

    Over already? A 45 minute podcast and it seems like it was only 5 minutes ago when I started listening to it. Time flies when you enjoy what you’re doing. I so need a bandsaw. But until I get the shop moved from the basement to the garage, I’ll be without one. I don’t want to set it up in the basement and then have to move it UP the narrow, steep stairs. And I’m too lazy to set it up in the garage and use it there and have to move the material back and forth from basement to garage.

    HeeHeeHee…. April’s probably gonna have fun reading the comments from her next video…

    And Jay, I want to see what you did for your clamps. Mine currently take up a couple of horizontal surfaces.

  2. Al McKague

    As woodworkers you might interested to know that a cat skinner used to use a bulldozer (CAT) to drag logs out of the woods to be taken to the saw mill. There are as many different ways to hook up logs are there are logs. Love the show.

  3. Mark

    Skinning Cats may not refer to removing the dermis from a feline. When Alabama talks about “Skinning Cats” in “Song of the South”, they’re talking about a practice that’s kind of a “test of Manhood”:

    ” “Skinning cats” is another old time fav here in the south that very few outsiders will ever know about. It’s a test of manhood more than a game. You find a “long, tall hickory” tree, not a sapling but not old, and climb it. You keep going higher and higher till you get as high as you can and the tree starts bending. If you’re lucky, you can go so far as to get your feet back to the ground….if not, you can’t go back so your only choice is to let go and hope you aren’t too high. Done right, you get bad rope burns on your hands and a real slap in the face….wrong, you get worse burns, and a welt to last a week. – Submitted by: Drahcirl” (


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