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  1. Ben

    I’m excited about the new podcast! Can you please give us an RSS feed? I don’t see it on the site anywhere. (Maybe you mention this in the episode. I haven’t listened to this one yet.)

    I heard on the Q&A that you’re putting this in iTunes but that won’t help my device. Keep up the great work!

      1. Ben

        Thank you Joe! That’s exactly what I needed. It would probably be helpful to have that more prominently displayed.

        Thanks for starting this podcast April, Nick and Jay!

    1. April

      Really? 10 Hours? I’ll have to check them out. I switched to using Keen shoes and that made me go from about two hours to about five without my feet screaming at me.

        1. Dennis DesRoches

          I have a thought on shoes also. I am a bit hefty at 5’11” and 205 lbs with 65-year old knees. A few years ago, I started wearing a New Balance shoe with Velcro closures and have gotten quite fond of this particular model (577V) because of 1) the ease of shedding them to enter the house from outdoors and 2) the extra cushioning they provide. After a few pairs, I accidentally discovered that this particular model qualified for the diabetic footwear standard and therefore has a certain Medicare code related to it. The cushioning and protection is outstanding in this not very expensive shoe. I usually break them in and wear them for quite a while doing shop work before relegating them to yard work. One lesson learned, however; I’ve tried all three colors and found consistent sizing in white and bone. These look a bit dorky, so my they are not worn away from the house. I tried a black pair not long, found them to run small, and returned them. Amazingly, once I made the comment on Amazing’s website, other folks chimed in with the same experience. I live in a rural area where many things are ordered in. In summary, my advice is look for a pair of shop shoes with the Medicare code for diabetic footwear, even if not diabetic. The extra cush is sooo easy on your feet, knees, etc.

      1. Jeremy

        I often work in boots. When I am working long hours on concrete I use my old running shoes (brooks) I cycle them out of running after 300 miles so there still pretty new.

      2. Stephanie

        I just checked out Gravity Defyer and they have one called Extora they recommend for long term standing. The prices are not bad either. Wish they where made in the USA, but they are not.

  2. Joshua Luther

    I really enjoyed listening to this new podcast. I’ve been a long time viewer and have been greatly inspired by watching Jay’s videos. I’ve gone out into my shop many times after watching one of your videos and building one of your projects. All three of you have really influenced and inspired more people than you are aware of. You all make woodworking look cool and fun.

  3. Joe Krug

    I love the podcast. I was so excited when I heard that the three of you started a podcast on Jay’s live feed yesterday. Keep them coming!

  4. Chad F.

    April- I have a nailer that was shooting every other nail. I found that when I bought higher quality nails it stopped doing that.

  5. John Daugherty

    Really enjoyed the podcast.

    When my son was about 8 (he’s 15 now) he sat a piece of fresh cut green red oak on my 8 inch jointer bed without me knowing. It sat there for about 4 days. It left an 8 inch by 12 inch rust spot and I almost died!

  6. David Nichols

    I really enjoyed the podcast. What I really noticed was the great quality of the audio. You all must have good quality equipment which makes it really easy to listen to. Good Luck!

  7. Page Bonifaci

    Thanks you guys for starting this podcast. The timing of this was really fortuitous. I discovered April’s channel last week, followed by Jay and Nick’s channels.

    I’m loving the high-quality videos from you guys (and gal). Just regular woodworkers doing awesome work. Thanks.

  8. Scotty

    Great show!!! I love watching all three of your YouTube channels. I’m new at wood working again, did it years ago and glad to be doing it again. Your videos are helping me a lot!!!
    Thank you!!

    1. Mark Lindsay

      My little 12′ Cobalt tape from Lowe’s also has the fractional markings on it. It doesn’t have the lever lock handle (it has the slide-type lock button on the front,) but it’s a smooth little tape.

  9. Todd

    Loved the podcast. I love following all 3 of you on Youtube and other social media avenues. Absolutely looking forward to the next one. Keep up the great work.

  10. Peter D.

    My favorite under rated tool is the Bahco scraper. By far the best scraper I’ve ever used for removing paint, cleaning glue lines, etc. .

  11. Eric

    I like all of you, and your collective expertise is right up there with the best of them.
    I’m just wondering with Wood Talk Online, and The Modern Woodworkers Association , and the Fine Woodworking podcast, and all the collaborations between content producers like Izzy Swan, Steve Ramsey, Frank Howarth, Mathias Wafel and so many others, will there be enough interest ?
    It’s kind of like magazine subscriptions. When I first started out, I subscribed to five or six magazines, but soon found out the redundancy made it hard to stay excited.
    I mean how many ways are there to discuss building a workbench or cut a mortise, or edge band a face fame?
    Please don’t take this as a rant or anything like that.
    I appreciate the knowledge you all bring and have picked up a trick of two from all of you
    beginners may find your content awesome..
    I just think it may be hard to stay fresh and original, and to retain the following of a more experienced audience.

    Good luck and I will listen.
    And again, thank you for everything you do for the woodworking community.

    1. Eric

      Just listened to this episode and I must say you are off to a great start..
      Very interesting and informative.
      Keep it up.
      And thanks !

    2. Nick Ferry

      I hear you – the first thing that came to my mind was music – essentially the same stories being told across the genres and generations but in a different voice, sound and tempo – some prefer “A” and some “B”, some are one hit wonders, and some are legendary – where do we reside? I have no clue, but it sure is fun letting people hear the conversations that we are already having – hoping that makes sense and I don’t sound like a dink

  12. Scott Keegan

    Trying to get anything except phillips-head screws outside the U.S. is an exercise in frustration, that message has not reached the rest of the world I’m afraid…

  13. Jay Capistrant

    That was great. I especially liked hearing how you three communicate. This will be good podcast to follow. Thanks. Jay Capistrant. Capistrano Builders

  14. Scott Albrecht

    Just heard about your pod on woodshop101, haven’t been able to find it on my podcast app yet but will look again in a couple days, looking forward to it, the three of you are among my fav you tube content providers, thanks for the inspiration!!

  15. jpool3

    i just downloaded and will listen shortly while i am driving. Glad to see 3 of my favorite YouTubers get together for a podcast.

  16. Mike Rossetti

    Y’all are great and I really enjoyed the first podcast! I also have never had much luck with stud finders but one cheap stud finder I swear by is the Johnson Stud Finders Stud Finder Plus 160. It uses a magnet to locat the nails or screws that attached the sheathing to the studs. I will try to locate 2 or 3 screws on a stud to get a good idea of an average centerline. It’s not perfect but when it’s only $3.05 it’s not a bad addition to the tool box. I am not affiliated with the product or manufacturer but below is a link to a location to buy them. They also make great stocking stuffers. Keep guys and lady and I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for everything!

  17. Paul

    Came here via April’s Facebook feed, and I’m glad I did.
    Really enjoyed the podcast, and I think you all did a great job, especially for a first time when you’re really still working stuff out.
    My only criticism would be that I had to turn the volume up a bit to hear Jay – but it could well just be a combination of his voice tone and my noisy work vehicle – no such problems with April or Nick though.
    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the future episodes appearing in my podcast feed!

  18. Edison Norman

    This is my first time hearing the podcast, great discussion guys, good points of interest. I was quite curious about the scrappers and now I think I will invest in one. Question? Jay, I know you said there’s less sanding if any, but does that mean more scrapping to get to a desired look or is it the quality or sharpness of the scrapper that gets you there? Awesome job ! Looking forward to hearing more.

  19. Frederick Falk

    One thing I might suggest is having show notes posted similar to what WoodTalk does and add links to items that you discuss so we can quickly go and find these tools, videos and such. Otherwise, a great start and the audio was very good. I also liked the flow of the show, the fact that you didn’t talk over one another and all thee of you are very easy to listen too. I am looking forward to more great episodes.

  20. Dave (KSFWG)

    Well, I’ve just sub’d to my first podcast. I’ve listened to other podcasts and just don’t enjoy them. But this is different. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

  21. Cheapskate Woodworker

    I really enjoyed the first show, it was extremely well done. A few questions/comments:
    (1) How did you get everybody together for the recording? Google Hangouts, Skype, or ?
    (2) How often are planning to release each episode?
    (3) are you accepting user suggestion for episode topics?
    (4) Do you need a logo and/or an itunes badge? I would be happy to help with that.

    1. jaybates

      1) Skype
      2) Once per two weeks at first. If it picks up then maybe more often.
      3) Sure, fill out the contact me form.
      4) Thanks for the offer but we’ve already got that covered. :)

  22. Mike Lallo

    For a little help with the cheap stud finder I use a magnet to find a screw or two, that will be in the stud, if’n it is a stud I’ve found.

  23. Hughie McMillan, Columbus, OH

    I too just subscribed to my first podcast. Hopefully the iPhone will alert me when there’s a new episode. If anyone knows what my settings should be so that it does alert me feel free to chime in here and let me know.

    I haven’t listened to the first one yet. I will do that tomorrow as I drive to Chicago (7 hr drive for me in the big truck, 18 wheels and bends in the middle).

  24. Jerm

    Hey guys,

    I am excited to see how the podcast comes along. You seemed natural. I just wanted to add my current favorite tools; power hand plane and my mechanical pencil. I also love my Swanson speed square, stays in my back pocket. Its amazing how many things it can be used as instead of a square.

  25. Anthony Harris

    I use a Roku device for much of my information and entertainment. The Roku streams have a Blubrry stream available. I found The Wood Whisperer but not you guys. Are you planning on linking your podcast to Blubrry?

  26. John V

    Just learned about your podcast. I look forward to more episodes. 2 things-

    I am not sure who made the statement “old school jigsaw, it bought it about 15 years ago” Thanks for reinforcing my age, which I still like to think is a young 43. But I guess my 15+ year old jigsaw could use replacement.

    2- April please stop using drywall screws. They are designed for, well drywall. They have a taper to them and if they back out one small bit it is all over , at that point they are loose and keep loosening until your project will fall apart. Wood screws have a consistent body diameter and even if they begin to back out they keep pulling the pieces together. This is especially important with pocket hole screws.

  27. Chris Hurst

    I just listened to your first podcast and by the way, my first podcast listen. I really enjoyed it and he you make many more.

    I was a bit surprised about your comments on the oscillitating spindle sander. I bought mine from Woodcraft a while back. Now I use it on nearly every project, especially on scroll saw projects.

    Keep up the good work. BTW, I watch all of your YouTube videos and always learn something new.

  28. Kevin Nee

    Really enjoyed this podcast. Sounded very casual and unrehearsed. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks Nick, Jay, and of course April.

  29. David

    Great podcast guys… and April. LOVED being able to listen to it at work. I hope this takes off and you can all keep it going!!!!

  30. Paul Pedersen

    Love your You Tube videos guys and I really enjoyed the podcast, looking forward to more to come. Love the Woodworking community that you guys create. Thanks

  31. Mark Hazlewood

    GREAT first edition. Better than I thought it would be. Looking forward to #2. Thanks for the tips about the stud finder (all mine are crap) and the Ramboard (sp?).

  32. Brett


    You guys are awesome i have just stumbled onto all of your youtube channels in the past 2 weeks and they have really inspired me to have a go at some of the project.

    The first one im having a go at is jays work bench, being that its summer in victoria australia at the minute i have heaps of time after work to just do bits and pieces to unwind.

    The podcast was very entertaining and a great start i hope you continue it amd i look forward to hearing more and watching more of your youtube videos into the future.

  33. Scott Gillespie

    Great podcast. For me a podcast that lasts about half an hour is best and I’ve heard other podcasters try to keep to that from feedback from their listeners. In the future you should list any products mentioned (I know tough in this one!) but then its easier to look them up later. If you have affiliate links from amazon or other companies you can get a finder fee if someone buys it using your link. I’m not sure if this works when I buy on the Canadian site but for the majority of the listeners it would.

  34. Mearlyn

    I am digging it so far. Why doesn’t TWP1 show up in iTunes? The iTunes button at the top seems to be “an invalid link”?

  35. BillSin

    Hey guys and lady, love the podcast! I’m following you in youtube for more than a year and find the idea for the podcast of you three perfect. Keep doing it and you can also open a patreon acount to support you!


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