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TWP7: Copper Flavored Aluminum

Episode notes:

Big thank you to Jim Hall for making a contribution and supporting the show!

  • Breaking News:
    • Nick – Foam into cinderblock video this week.
    • April – Working on four different projects: hair stick, garage, mothers day gift, piped air.
    • Jay – 3 shop guests this week: Wayne Brown, Tom Ferone, Shawn Stone. Upcoming projects: Lathe cart video this week.
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  • Submitted Questions:
    • Jason Parker – I currently use my router to do simple easing of edges and light decorative edging. However, I have a project which requires a much larger bit. Can you discuss router HP vs bit diameter vs cutter speed in relation to material height. Specifically, material thicker stock 1.75 but less than 3″ thicknesses for locking miters and also raised panels both horizontal and vertical orientations.
    • Jason Browder – I am a beginning woodworker and I am going to build an L-shaped computer desk so one side will be for my computer and the other for the kids computer. I would like to know what woods I could use for the top of the desk. With 2 11 year old boys it needs to be somewhat tough. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also I live just south of April so if she has any suggestion on where to go to get some good wood I would appreciate that as well.
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  1. Sean Rubino

    April, check out for patina chemicals. Barium sulfide and sodium sulfide are great for imparting a patina on copper. Just protect yourself while using them. Barium sulfide is a hazardous chemical when mixed with water (as you have to do to apply the chemical solution).

  2. David Joyner

    At one point in this podcast April asked if there was a “one-stop shop” resource for learning about finishes. I never heard an answer, but if anyone knows of a good resource, I’d appreciate it — I have the same question!

    1. Sean Rubino

      Hi David,
      There are a few YouTube videos out there on finishing. Braxton Wirthlin has a video on the different finishes he uses and Marc Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer, has a few as well. Search them on out and you will learn quite a bit.

    2. Jonathan P

      Bob Flexner is now working at Popular Woodworking; writing articles and blogs. I just got his book, “Wood Finishes 101” and it does a good job acting as a starting point. Bob is highly regarded in realm of finishing.

  3. Jay

    April, don’t worry about the oil in your air line, just get a dedicated HVLP turbine and gun combination instead of using a conversion gun. The turbine will work better and you don’t have to worry about dirty air or running out of air.

    Jay, when making your air cleaner table, think about adding a fifth filter and a top with holes to make it a sanding down draft workstation table.


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