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Episode 41: Drying Wood & Doors

Episode 40: 8 Million Ways To Skin A Cat

Episode 39: Tool Show & New Host

Episode 38: with guest Bob Kloes

Episode 37: Ciao

Episode 36: Creating In Germany with Laura Kampf

Episode 35: Plywood Storage, Lathes, and a Pizza Peel – Featuring Shawn Stone

Episode 34: Oklahoma Woodworking Event in June

Episode 33: Downsizing?  What would you keep?

Episode 32: Dust Collection &  A Brass Axe

Episode 31: Shipping Container Shop

Episode 30: Air Filtration, Clogged Blast Gates, 2hp Table Saw

Episode 29: Shop Time Planning, Tool Precision, Clean Up

Episode 28: Bandsaws, Planers, and Getting Kicked Out!

Episode 27: Level vs Flat, Shop Improvments, 45 Degree Cuts

Episode 26: Dust Collection, Shop Heat, Cleaning Sawblades

Episode 25: SketchUp, Websites for Woodworkers, Cleaning Blades

Episode 24: Bushing “Poop”, Milling Lumber, and Cremona for President 2020

Episode 23: Horses to Chickens, Table Saw Trunions, Friction Polish

Episode 22: Same Importance For What is Rarely Seen?

Episode 21: 100% Positive That Maybe Imperial > Metric

Episode 20: Table Saw Scratches and POSSIBLE June Event

Episode 19: Special Guest Jon Peters

Episode 18: Outfeed Tables & WIA

Episdoe 17: Joanie doesn’t love chachkie

Episode 16: Shop Projects and Answering More Questions From Last Week

Episode 15: Instagram Q&A and Collaboration Videos Coming

Episode 14: How Do YOU Build Cabinets?

Episode 13: #TeamSpindleSander

Episode 12: Collaboration Trip Recap

Episode 11: Road Trip Ahead!

Episode 10: Lathes, Shop AC, and Hardware

Episode 9: Jigs, Anti-Bird Birdhouses, and Outdoor Workbenches

Episode 8: Sweat Equity

Episode 7: Copper Flavored Aluminum

Episode 6: A Fence Clogged Full Of Dogs And Cats

Episode 5: TS Dust Collection and Shop Layout

Episode 4: Smelly Oak

Episode 3: #YouShould

Episode 2: Woodworking With Other People

Episode 1: Underrated Shop Tools