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TWP38 – w/ guest Bob Kloes

This week’s guest is my friend Bob Kloes.  He has been making fine furniture for over 30 years.  He can also be found on his Instagram.

Some of Bob’s Work:

Kloes-Custom-Furniture0383 Kloes-Custom-Furniture0374 Kloes-Custom-Furniture0355 Kloes-Custom-Furniture0333 Kloes-Custom-Furniture0276 Kloes-Custom-Furniture0089 Kloes-Custom-Furniture0044 flame-birch-and-birdseye-spice-chest-jewelery-box 20150605Bob-Kloes008 2013-05-04-05.14.21

Nick’s “cheap” pine table:


Show Links:

Birds Eye Maple Video
Green Light Coatings


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  1. Joe D

    Holy bejeez, it’s good to hear your melodic voice again. My drive to work hasn’t been the same. Great stuff from Bob. His work is beautiful. It was a little unclear whether you were thinking of stopping the podcast in leu of a YouTube format. I vote for continuing the podcast format, since I don’t watch a lot of YouTube videos. So glad to have you back Nick.

  2. David Joyner

    Glad to see that the podcast is back. I like the idea of the alternative YouTube channel as well. Will definitely check that out.

  3. Craig Zimmerman

    I really enjoyed this episode with Bob Kloes. I’m glad you’re back and looking forward to more episodes when you post them. Once a month is better than none, so that’s fine by me — it’s important that you enjoy the process, and it makes for a better show. Bob was great and I’d really enjoy hearing more from him. Especially more on his finishing process. Thanks!


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