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TWP36: Creating In Germany with Laura Kampf

This week we are joined with Laura Kampf of Germany. She’s a creator of many things with a unique and creative video style. Be sure to check out her work at Also, subscribe to Laura on YouTube.

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  1. Andy

    Just a bit of feedback on April’s comments about metric in the UK. Imperial measures haven’t been taught in UK schools since the 1960s. Most people that are still working with imperial probably date themselves to that period.

    Everything has to be sold in metric here (although the imperial equivalent can appear alongside in labelling). The only exceptions to this have been things related to expense or safety, and afaik are limited to road signs, land sales and alcohol.

    I was brought up with metric in the UK and use it everyday, my parents weren’t and use imperial. So, like you say, it is what you are used to…

  2. William

    Here’s a question for Jay and Nick. Is youtube’s policy of favoring frequent posters affecting the frequency of your posts? Will you switch to paid content via patrion?


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