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TWP35: Plywood Storage, Lathes, and a Pizza Peel Featuring Shawn Stone


In this episode we are joined by Shawn Stone of filling in for April for this episode. We introduce Shawn for those who don’t already follow him and we discuss plywood storage, lathe options, pizza peels and some other shenanigans. Subscribe to Shawn’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Dave (KSFWG)

    Great show, guys! I’m slowly catching up on things.

    #teamspindlesander — just because — no real reason, just because I can. lol

  2. Larry

    Jay, have you considered a roll-up garage door? It would eliminate your above the garage door storage, but eliminating the door tracks would open up the corners and part of the sides that you have issues with the tracks. It appears from watching your videos you probably have enough headroom to mount the door. Do you use the attic space above your garage? I watched the older video where you populated your new storage building and saw you have a lot of space above the garage. You can add a folding attic ladder and use the attic for storage of the items you don’t use often.

  3. Joe Dickinson

    Hey guys. I’m a new “woodworker”, but I’ve been into making things all my life.
    I recently made a lamp out of recycled Teak. The concept was to integrate an iphone passive acoustic
    speaker into the lamp. It came out pretty sweet.

    I’d like to offer a challenge to THE Woodworking Podcast….
    Make a passive phone speaker built into an everyday household item, which could then serve double duty.
    After hearing Nick and Jay both say they crave an engineering challenge, I think this could be right up your
    alley(s). I only left April out because she wasn’t around during last week’s episode to weigh in. Hope you accept
    the challenge. I would like to see what you all come up with.


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