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TWP31: Shipping Container Shop

Episode notes:

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  • Submitted Questions/comments:
    • Larry – You are all from such different locations and different backgrounds, how did the three of you meet and then decide to collaborate?
    • Nick Rodriquez – I’d love to hear each of you talk a bit about your past shops, rust pros and cons of that setup, and what worked well and what did not.


  1. Jeremy Thompson

    heys guys,

    fun episode! I just wanted to mention that I am also a Maker/content creator. I am just finishing up my shipping container shop on my channel, Vonthompsontinker. I am fairly familiar with shipping containers if April ends up with any questions.

  2. Dave (KSFWG)

    I’m so jealous of April right now! Dang, a brand-spanking-new shop from the ground up! But I’m happy for her at the same time. It will be great to see it as it unfolds.

    I’m not a fan of my basement shop, Nick Asusual. The stairs are a pain, even though they are a straight shot to the back door. It’s an old house/basement, and the stairs are steep and narrow — a deadly combination if you don’t watch every step you take.

    Jay, I really, really enjoyed your interview video. You really ought to do some more of them!

  3. Daryl Guyton

    April as far as lights you should look at the LED lights. I know Wranglerstar and the Woodwhisper has put them in their shops

  4. Saint Nicster

    April, if you want ideas with the shipping containers, and you can make your way up north to OK/Tulsa, then we have a new development called “The Boxyard” where they’ve made a small strip mall out of them, and you could possibly get some ideas :)

    A couple of units are 5 wide. They had a professional company convert the units, but for the wide open spans, you’re still probably going to want a post in the middle to prevent sag. These had a deck on top, so that was probably an extra concern.

  5. Peter Bako

    Jay, was just listening to the podcast and heard your query about long term data storage. I am a systems engineer and deal with data storage, servers, etc. on a daily basis. I have used a NAS on my home network for years and can strongly recommend them – if you happen to have a domain controller at home, you can even link it your DC and have authentication done with the same username/password that your workstations use. (Ok, so I am a geek and most people do not need a DC, but I have a full domain setup.) Drobo ( has some excellent units. The more drives you have the larger your storage and the better redundancy you can get. At least 4 drives would be my minimal configuration, which means if one drive dies your data will remain safe until you can replace the drive.

    Cloud storage is fine, but there are some limits. Personally I have security and privacy issues with it, but there others including your point about it possibly backing up corrupted data without being even aware of it. Best option is to use a NAS and then have backup software back it up to a cloud storage.

    On a more woodworking subject – While I love (and never miss) any of your respective build video’s, may I offer a content suggestion? Could you occasionally do an episode focusing on a specific tool, with info on how to configure it, proper way to use it, best practices for maintaining it, etc. I’m thinking of things like planes, chisels (yes, they can be used wrong – I speak of personal experience…), table saws, planers, etc. I’ve only been in woodworking for about 6 months and had to figure stuff out on my own, with lots of experimentation, YouTube video’s, etc. Just picked up my first hand plane from the big orange store (yeah, its cheap but figure it will be great for learning and making mistakes with) and while I was able to smooth down what I needed, I’m pretty sure that is due more to dumb luck and brute force than doing it the right way.

  6. Dan Oelke

    When thinking about storage containers for a shop compared to a metal shed – be sure to compare like things. So here are some things to think about… yes I think the containers are cheaper but it might not be as much as you think.

    Do you want/need a roof across all of them – if not how will you seal the seams between them? If welded include cost of the welding rod/wire and grinding wheels etc.

    Do you want the outside to look like shipping container or some other kind of siding?

    What kind of footing under the containers? Even a gravel pad takes some material and the site will require leveling. You want something so that the floor between containers stays level. At least you don’t have to worry about frost heaving there. :)

    Good luck – I really look forward to watching your decision making process and progress on the new shop.


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