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TWP30: Air Filtration, Clogged Blast Gates, 2hp Table Saw

Episode notes:

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    • John Lamar – Since the weather has gotten cold here in Montana and my 2 car garage door stays closed most days I definitely have a need for dust collection and filtration. I was planning on getting a Wen unit but I don’t want to hang it from the ceiling. Will it be as effective on a cart like Jays or under my assembly table? I’m tired of all my chachkies getting dusty. Joanie doesn’t like it either.Jon
    • Ed gonzales – What to do about clogged blast gates! So frustrating!
    • Lewi Uberg – Hi, Big fan! Let’s say I was planning a trip to the us from Norway with the family. To vacation, buy 20% of what they sell in Rockler. And if possible meet some of the YouTubeers I like to watch. Do you think it’s ok to just ask?
    • Ricky Chisum – I recently took my first project where I needed to use 8/4 hard woods, I have a few more people requesting for me to make similar items. My 1hp table saw had a very hard time so I am looking to upgrade. I am looking at the grizzly either the 2 hp or the 3hp. The 3hp is quite a bit more money. I have access to either 110 V or 220v so that is not an issue. It the 2hp enough? Thanks for all the great advice!


  1. Dave (KSFWG)

    What happened to the other 30 minutes? Did Nick have to go watch the Lego movie again? Or did April feel the need to sit in her shop and stare at the Packers flag? I’m hoping that next week the podcast is an hour and a half to make up for shorting us this week. lol

  2. Peter Moore

    This comment relates to your recommendation to use a thin kerf blade to reduce the cutting resistance on a table saw. If you do so, and you have a riving knife that is the same thickness as a regular kerf blade, don’t you risk having the wood bind on the riving knife?


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