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TWP28: Bandsaws, Planers, and Getting Kicked Out!

Episode notes:

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  • Submitted Questions/comments:
    • Kevin hart – I am in the market to get a planer. It will be my first planer that I’ve ever owned. I would like for you to discuss the differences between the Dewalt planer that Jay has the Dewalt planer that’s one below what Jay has and the triton planer that April has. Is this the hold out and get the big one purchase or is this something that can grow with your shop. I don’t plan to run any major length boards or thicknesses through the planer. If you read reviews about all these planers they all are great and they’ all suck .it’s hard to get a good Idea based on reviews.
    • ron rizzo – Big fan of the podcast. I’m looking at possibly getting the same Laguna bandsaw Nick got recently and I’ve been hoping for a video on it, or a bit more of an in depth discussion on the podcast about it.
  • Jays bandsaw dust collection pics:
    • bandsaw-dust-collection-1 bandsaw-dust-collection-2
  • Nick’s Dresser Drawer Front
    • nick-ferry-drawer-front


  1. Dave (KSFWG)

    Enjoyed the podcast….but….the three of you are going to have to make these longer! Yep. Longer…digress more…more talkie talkie in the podcasts for 2017… Ya’all have a safe and Happy New Years! (plural — one for each of ya…) 😉 :)

    I have a Porter Cable planer that isn’t really anything fancy at all — but it works. I have a 4 ft long piece of melamine as a ‘bed’ for it and that takes care of most of the snipe. I’ve had it for over a year and I’m still running the original blades — haven’t even reversed them yet. And I have a new set that I bought with the saw still in the package.


  2. Sean Foushee

    @Jason – That was a great video, thanks for the link. I’ve been looking into building a few of these for my upstairs loft and now I know what to do with my old towels.

    Nick, Jay, and April – The question about planers was well timed, I’ve been looking at both the Triton and Dewalt planers for a recent addition for my growing shop and I really appreciate the insights. Looking forward to more podcasts in 2017. Cheers!

  3. Bob Pakulski

    Glad you guys included the photos in the notes. It’s nice & also handy to see what you’re seeing while talking about it.
    Once I realized you were probably Skype-ing each other I wondered if you had considered a podcast with video like Google Hangout or one of other options?
    Regardless, I enjoy what you’re doing – keep it up.

  4. Jeff in Oregon

    Thanks for this episode. I was about to email you asking about bandsaws. Now I don’t have to I know what I’m saving for.

  5. Ian

    Come on guys. Us regular ole peasant woodworkers have stresses, deadlines and pressures also. If that’s what our day job is we have to knock it out of the park too don’t we? If not more so because we have a paying client scrutinizing it in person. And cabinet installers aren’t at all necessarily woodworkers. I know that was just an example but a woodworker is usually doing all sorts of different things going through the learning curve of each project also.

    I only bring all this up because I love the podcast but couldn’t believe you all just dismissed that like it was nothing because you are content creators. I’ll get off my soapbox and shut up now. For real love the podcast though.

  6. Stephen Coster

    Hiya, I couldn’t say how many times you three have had me laughing out loud at your shenanigans in these fantastic podcasts. Thank you so much for the great entertainment but also education. You have a rare talent, keep it up please.
    Longer than one hour? Yes please!!!

  7. Mark Levine

    Love you guys – so down to earth and real.

    Yes, longer podcasts. I design office furniture layouts and your podcasts turn the mundane into passion during long days in front of CAD. Keep up the good work, just give us more PLEASE. Love your material and regularly bounce between TWP and WTS (Spagnuolo,Cremona, and Rogers).


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