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TWP22: Same Importance For What is Rarely Seen?

Episode notes:

  • Thank you to the following Patreon contributors:
    • Scott Griffith
    • Nicholas Gomez
    • Cole Bouchard
    • Chris Stokesmore
    • Jason Adamczyk
    • Modern Builds
    • George Thomas
    • Don Chesser
    • Clement Brizard
    • John Wilson
    • Steve Mills
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    • Saint Nicster
    • Christopher Michael Copes
    • Terry Burns-Dyson
    • Page Bonifaci
    • Frederick McIntyre
    • Darren Pruitt
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  • Submitted Questions:
    • Caleb Harris – I have a question about table saw use. I normally see this difference while crosscutting on the table saw. Sometimes the stock will pushed all the way through the blade and passed the riving knife and then moved away from the blade, other times times the stock is pushed into the blade just far enough that the cut is completed and then backed out of the blade. I’ve found myself doing both as well. Is there a reason for one technique over the other, or is one way safer?
    • Jon – I’ve been struggling with decent dust and chip collection on my drill press. What do the three of you use, how effective is it and do you have any recommendations on approaches or systems?


  1. Dave (KSFWG)

    Love my Ridgid edge/spindle sander! #myspindlesanderrules

    Glad for Nick he’s getting a new band saw – but I hate him for it also. I want a band saw! lol


  2. Kevin

    Dave beat me to it, but the Ridgid oscillating spindle sander is great. Being able to switch between the edge sander and different diameter spindles makes it very flexible. If you’re ever in the market for a new spindle sander it’s an awesome one to get.

  3. Mark

    I didn’t even notice that April doesn’t have tool noise… I had the same moment as Jay listening to that. I agree with Jay that it has a nice shop feel when its in there, but I only notice it when its louder then the rest of the video and I have to turn down the volume. For your closet Jay, I would make it look nice and trim and paint out your design. #youshould :)

  4. George Thomas

    I enjoy the tool noises, but I never really noticed them as missing from April’s videos. I do however notice Jay’s 8-bit gaming sound effects in the best possible way.


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