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TWP20: Table Saw Scratches and POSSIBLE June Event

Episode notes:

  • Thank you to the following website contributors: 
    • Bill Hantzopoulos

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    • Nicholas Gomez
    • George Thomas
    • Don Chesser
    • Steve Mills
    • Martin Wegner
    • Saint Nicster
    • Christopher Michael Copes
    • Terry Burns-Dyson
    • Page Bonifaci
    • Frederick McIntyre
    • Darren Pruitt
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  • Submitted Questions:
    • Bill – I have a fairly new Sawstop and the top has a couple fairly deep scratches. I was wondering if you had any good tips for removing them. Is sanding my best option and if so should I work my way through a few different grits until I get the smooth finish like it has now? Or is there a better way to remove them?  Thanks, Bill

    • I know, you do videos for a living. I want to start doing videos for fun and often I feel the urge to just throw the camera in the bin and get the damn project done. Know what I mean? How do you work around that?

    • brendan_hayy – What are you all looking forward to, for the rest of 2016?

    • makeshift_woodworkerWhat is your favorite non-maker you tube channel/vlog?


  1. Dave (KSFWG)

    Jay – don’t feel bad about turning 30 — try over 60 and arthritis…. 😉 I’ve been “hobbled up” many times… you’ll heal. I’m in a small town — population 1600 — including a few cats and dogs.

    April — Welcome back to the show! I missed ya! If this “thing” comes together, I want to see your Chevy truck (and a pic of it and you, please?)

    Nick — Here’s an S. Use it wisely… 😉

  2. Bill

    Thanks for the advice. I hate to say I never even considered not doing anything to the top, but what you’re saying makes good sense. I can live with a few scratches, but I’m sure I’ll be more aware from now on. I’m really enjoying these podcasts.

  3. Bryano

    I like the idea of this meetup. Kind of like a Youtube makers Content creator fair.
    To cover the costs, each content creator should have to pay a fee. For that fee they can set up a booth/tent that they can sell their goods and promote their channels. That money covers the cost of site rental, porta potties, site clean up and promotion. There can be a main large tent with a schedule for demonstrations, talks, entertainment. Bring in food trucks to cover the grub.

  4. Mark

    Speaking of Jay’s Sketchup videos – in the dovetail ones he mentions not knowing what angles the dovetail slots are typically cut at so he guessed 15*. Now that you’re doing Daily Dovetails Jay, Were you right? is it 15?


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