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TWP19: Special Guest Jon Peters

Episode notes:

  • Thank you to the following website contributors: 
    • TJ Hopkins
    • Brent Albrecht
  • Thank you to the following Patreon contributors: 
    • Saint Nicster
    • Christopher Michael Copes
    • Terry Burns-Dyson
    • Page Bonifaci
    • Frederick McIntyre
    • George Thomas
    • Darren Pruitt
    • Don Chesser
    • Nicholas Gomez
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  • Submitted Questions:
    • Todd Reimer – What do you think about impact drills vs non-impact for screwing. I have several impacts but seem to grab the non impacts lately to reduce noise & still get good results.
    • Scott Schneid – I have a craftsman miter saw that the fence is not straight The current fence is all one piece and it bows in just behind where the blade comes down. Hope this makes sense. Any good ideas on how to build another fence or temporary fence? My thought is if I attach a board I will end up cutting it in the middle which may throw off the squareness. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
    • Jeff in Oregon – I’ve never used a wipe on poly. What are the benefits of that over a more traditional brush on oil or water based poly?
    • Wayne Brown – Before you started Jon Peters art and home, what was your profession?


  1. Thom

    Another awesome show, definitely missed April but what a great fill in guest Jon has a incredible sense and attention to detail that is incredible. I hope all is well with April like (on vacation) or simple like that. But Jay and Nick you guys are awesome thank you for a great show.

  2. Chet Kloss

    I have listened to all the episodes in the series and this one, with Jon Peters as a special guest was by far the best. Really interesting topics both on woodworking and other stuff. Well done 5 stars.


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