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TWP17: Joanie doesn’t love chachkie

Episode notes:

  • Thank you to the following contributors:
    • Frederick McIntyre
    • Eric Wright
    • a friend in north Georigia :)
  • Instagram Links:
  • Breaking News:
    • Woodworking In America 2016. We plan on hanging out after the show on Saturday the 17th of September at the Morelein Lager House. It’s a 17 minute walk across the bridge into Ohio (according to google maps). Here’s a link to the place:
    • Patreon! Check out 
    • Nick – Water heater and many ways to do things.
    • April – Outdoor shower, outfeed table.
    • Jay – Bookcase for the wife. Plywood and paint.
  • Submitted Questions:
    • Frank DiLoreto – What type of brad nailers do you prefer? Battery or compressed air? I have a 18 gauge air nailer but I’m tempted to convert to a battery nailer so I don’t have to deal with my pathetic 3 gallon air compressor anymore. But battery operated nailers are quite pricey. Also, in the near future I have an entire basement to renovate with all new trim so I feel the purchase is warranted. But I may just be trying to convince myself of that. Just like a new band saw…
    • Chad – I am planning on attending the Woodworking in America convention in Covington, KY next month and would love to get some advice before then. I am in the market for a jointer and was wondering if I can typically get a pretty good deal on something like this at one of these conventions or if I am better off just buying from Rockler or Woodcraft depending on who has the better sale at the time?
    • david bareford – What’s the best finish for a maple dining table top? I have kids…
    • brewsters make – What was the hardest tool to “perfect” when you first started woodworking?
    • mautterback – How much time do you spend on cleanup everyday?
    • tony baggett – Do you ever think you’ll build a stand alone workshop?
    • figueroa_concepts – Do you guys ever talk to yourselves when you’re in the shop? I do, my wife trips out about it lol.


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