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TWP8: Sweat Equity

Episode notes:

Big thank you to David Miller, Shane VanBuskirk, Don Chesser, George McCabe, and Joshua Auerbach for making a contribution and supporting the show!

  • Breaking News:
    • Nick – Miter spline jig – continuing on hardware organizer


    • April – Building a bar room sign
    • Jay – Built my dining table bench this week. Didn’t record it. Stepping up my anti-dust kung-fu!
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  • Submitted Questions:
    • Paul: My question relates to dado sets setup. How do you go about setting up your dado blades? I am looking to see if there is anything I may be missing to speed up getting the right size / width set up when making a cut. I’s there a short cut to get the right combination of blades and shims the first time? Or is a fiddling thing?
    • Urban Jonsson: Measuring methods: Tapemeasure, ruler or what ? What du you prefere, allround and for specifiic use


  1. Piotr

    Hello all. About respirator. Jay you might want to check big giant swords channel. The guy has huge facial hair and he is using respirator that goes into his mouth like a snorkel and he wears nose clip, downside is you can only breath through your mouth.

    1. jaybates

      Thanks Piotr. I’ve already seen it and it looks interesting but I can’t not breathe through my nose. I found one that works well enough.

  2. Kriss

    Full face respirator all the time :)
    Love that thing! Night and day difference compared to the other stuff because it not only protects you from breathing the dust, but also keeps the fine particles out of your eyes. What did you end up going with, Jay?

  3. Tony

    April, A multiple video chair trial would be cool. If you show your success and failures in a few videos, and lessons learned it would be very helpful.

  4. Brian

    Concerning the measuring… In the past year or so, I’ve found I get better results if I only measure when I absolutely have to. Whenever I can, I bring the piece that needs cut directly to the project where it needs go and mark it. This give me less opportunity to read the tape wrong and end up with a piece that’s an inch too short – even after measuring twice.


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