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TWP37: Ciao

Due to conflicting schedules and life being crazy in general, April and Jay have decided to step down from The Woodworking Podcast. Nick is taking a break from the podcast as well. So what does that mean for The Woodworking Podcast going forward? ….We’re not sure. But if you would like to be notified of The Woodworking Podcast 2.0 or whatever else may or may not evolve going forward than be sure to stay subscribed.

THANK YOU!! for all of your support over the past year and 4 months!

–  Nick, April, & Jay.


  1. Joshua Luther

    Sad to see this come to an end or put on hold. I really enjoyed listening to you three discussing woodworking. I feel like I got to know you guys more through listening to this every week. I also, however, understand that life gets busy and it forces you to make choices about what’s more important in life. Life is full of changes and seasons that we all go through. There will also come a day when the other maker and woodworking podcasts will come to an end. I wish you three success in all that you do.

  2. Bellevue Woodshop

    This is very Sad. The woodworking Podcast has by FAR been my favoritt podcast.
    The chemistry between you 3 has been a joyful experience to listen to. I understand and respect your choice, and wish you all the best in the future. And remember there was a reason the show was pronounced: THEEEEE Woodworking Podcast. Hope to see you back when the time is right.
    All the best from Norway

    Bellevue Woodshop

  3. William Valentin

    Life overwhelms us all at some time. Everyone deserves and you three have all earned a well deserved break. The three of you have a very special chemistry. There are several other woodworking podcasts but I think yours was the best. Take whatever time yu need. I for one will miss you and hope that you will all come together again. Ciao for now.

  4. Chris McIntosh

    Well damn. I loved listening to y’all as I worked in my own shop or just really any time. Sincerely hope you guys can find the time to keep it going, by far and above the best podcast. Some of the other main ones are nearly impossible to listen too they are so full of themselves. Hope everyone still is getting along and all that. I somehow had a feeling listening to the podcast with Laura Kampf, that was going to be the end of it. Hope everyone reconsiders, lots of people out here truly look forward to hearing from y’all. Best regards.

  5. Fernando Yanez

    Nooooooooo this was by far my favorite woodworking podcast, don’t let it be the last episode! I was truly sad to hear this today, bummer. I understand of course and wish you all the best, but still sad.

  6. Joe Dickinson

    Sad to hear you crazy Chachkies are hangin it up. I need to know though, are you ALL still planning to go to Oklahoma next month. I put in for vacation days, and am planning to shlep from south Florida to meet you guys and hang. I sincerely hope you are all coming, and wish you the best in all your new adventures. #youshould-come-to-OKL.

    Joey D

  7. Chris

    Sad to hear that, I get what April was saying though, I guess you have to focus on the things that pay your bills and a sponsored video for a big company will pay a lot better than discussing woodworking with your friends for an hour. Nick whatever you come up with I’d love to hear/watch!!!!! I think you will do great whatever you do man.


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