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TWP3: #YouShould

In the third episode of The Woodworking Podcast we’re talking about #YouShould.

Episode notes:

  • Breaking News:
    • April – Lost her voice at last week’s Rockler event in Florida. Finally got her dust collector going.
    • Nick – shop projects – gotta get shop in gear – tambor door
    • Jay – Made slight improvement to the workbench leg vise, tool talks, editing last video from the Nick trip, XCarve finally leaves the shop, want to make something with dovetails.
  • Episode Topic: #youshould
  • Questions From YouTube:
    • Jake Curry – Hey guys I love the show. I currently work out of a small garage and am pretty cramped for space. I am going to be in the market for a new table saw and was wondering if I should save space and go with a higher end contractor saw or lose some of my space and go with a middle of the road cabinet saw. Thanks for the input guys.
    • Todd Fiebranz – Love you all and watch all your videos. I am also getting into doing youtube myself. I wanted to get into this because of youtubers like you all. I am not just into woodworking. I like the MotoVlog aspect also. Though cycle season is short in Wisconsin. Well I had noticed after I started following Nick that he is also in Wisconsin. So In your Second Pod Cast you had mentioned that you(Jay) will sometime be coming up to Nicks shop. Will you guys do a Meet and Greet in Wisconsin?
  • Community News:


  1. Dave (KSFWG)

    Collaboration videos are so cool!! It’d be great to see April and Jay walk into Nick’s shop – I’m sure they’d SCREAM and RUN !! LOL

    This is the only podcast I subscribe to. I don’t do podcasts… I’d much rather see video. But I sub’d after the first one. Keep up the great stuff.

  2. Ted Spitulski

    You are doing a great job with this podcast, I love it!

    In episode #3, I think Jay was talking about fatigue mats and I wanted to share what I had stumbled upon when I was putting my shop together. I found this guy on eBay that was selling blemished rubber floor tiles somewhere in Georgia. These are great for a workshop. They are similar to what is used in sports team locker rooms, YMCAs, nursing homes and day cares. He has a variety of colors and styles. I furnished my 20′ x 25′ room for a couple hundred dollars (plus shipping), I’m sure they were much more expensive that that new. I cut the shipping by having it delivered to work and used a fork lift to unload it. The tiles are 27″ x 27″ and weigh ten pounds each. I used a little spray adhesive and placed them tight against each other. They clean up real easy.

    If anyone is interested in the eBay site, please comment below.

    1. nickferry

      very interesting tip on the flooring – I work in a fair amount in theater shops that have wood floors and my feet and legs always feel better on that after 8 hours than concrete

  3. Mo Asisss

    Never listened to a podcats before but I have to say it was just great – had the thing running in the backgriound whilst I was doing other things and the number of tips, tricks and techniques I picked up just listening to your banter was quite rich. I guess, in part, one is just using one primary sense and not being more focused as one would be with visual and audio. It was also a lot less formal and more like sitting among a group of friends socialising.

    Thanks for that and keep up the great work.

  4. Slim Shavings

    Jay has the right idea with the Paulk workbench. But it should be put on pedestals with arms for support at a height that is wheel chair comfortable. You can hang the table saw and he would have access all the way around to work with router tables and bench top toos hung or close to the edge.
    Flip Flop (Home Depot) adjustable stands can be set up for indeed support

  5. Bruce A. Ulrich

    Good episode, you three!
    For the person who asked about which table saw to buy, the Ridgid cabinet saw is very affordable while being very solid. I have it and I think it costs about $500. Matt Cremona, Dema, Shop Built & TY Moser have the same saw.

  6. Bob Bouse

    i am listening to your podcast #3 right now and your working together to pass on education and knowledge is fantastic. I love Nick’s moms saying “with all due respect” . The beauty of making your own “stuff” is the ability to make it the way you prefer. I was a mechanic for 42 years and always followed the rule of my moms that ” what you think and what you say can be worlds apart, but always be polite. I have watched both of you guys and April’s videos, all of them. I have found some of your projects kinda weird, but still educational. I am now learning, not all but some of the things that are necessary to post “watchable” videos. I hope that some day you will post on some of my projects. Thanks go out to April for finally hooking up the dust collection unit, Nick still waiting to see the flat screen lift system… lol. Jay your shop is so clean that if it were not for the project videos it would be hard to tell that your shop was even being used. Respect to all 3 of you. keep up the good work

  7. Franklin Pug

    General Tools has a line of tools that are designed for people in wheelchairs (or they used to, at least). Might be worth a look.

  8. Rocky

    Such a great show..Keep them coming.Love the tips on the Tablesaw. I am saving for a new cabinet tablesaw now, I am very excited about that. My Skil aluminum top contractor saw not cutting it..haha.
    Also I think Maybe #youshould do a meet and greet in North Texas, hat would be cool. Im about 45 minutes north of Fort Worth.
    Yall keep the great videos coming.. Maybe oneday I will figure how to do more than watch Youtube and join yall.

  9. Brad Parham

    I think the ‘chop’ is like the mouth of the vice, sort of like a brass player has ‘chops’. That’s the best I could do :-) Awesome podcast, by the way, I am excited to continue listening. Good tips last time about getting started in video, I’ll surely use that advice soon.

  10. Mark

    Love the podcast, you three! What’s the plan for scheduling on it? I want to be able to listen to new ones as soon as they’re posted. :)

    1. nickferry

      glad you are liking them – Right now we are shooting for every other Friday – nothing concrete, but that should give you a bit of a heads up

  11. Gary Phelps

    I’ve been catching the youtube videos and podcasts from you guys for a month or so. Awesome Stuff!! I really appreciate the informality and plain talk. The info that you put out there is really helpful to this oldtimer in Arizona.

  12. Max

    I may not have a complete workshop to use, but I have access to the complete Oxford English Dictionary through my library.

    Chop means jaw or the sides of a face, a variation of chap or chappe. It’s been in use in English since the mid 16th century. In the mechanical sense of a vice’s cheeks, it’s been around since the late 19th century, if not earlier: “When the chops of the instrument are closed the zero points of the stock and the Vernier should exactly coincide.” (Britten, F.J. *Watch & Clockmakers’ Handbk*. ed. 4, p. 27, 1881)

  13. Joshua

    In the discussion about the person using a tablesaw from a wheelchair, the focus was on modifying the tools. The other alternative is a modification to how he approaches the standard saw. There are things called standing chairs which support the individual. You’d said that he has some ability to stand, but this may allow him to alternate between standing and sitting without leaving the chair. They’re amazing pieces of equipment, but it’s going to really depend on his impairment.
    Here’s a sample

    (Also, it’s not “wheelchair bound”, try “uses a wheelchair”.)

    1. nickferry

      Wow – didn’t know there was such a thing – thanks for sharing the link – super cool alternative to modifying the tools!

  14. Eric

    Hey guys, #youshould … come to WI and do a meet and greet! As a wannabe woodworker I have found that vicariously watching your videos (and now listening to your podcasts) has really convinced me that I want to and that I can get into woodworking more seriously. Thanks for all your inspiration! I am in WI and would totally love to meet you guys. And for April’s sake, I agree with her – do it in the summer!

  15. Jonathan

    Hello all, just listened to this cast. Good stuff! Check out 8020 aluminum extrusion for making stands and supports that may work for lights and cameras. They have an Amazon & Ebay store.


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