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TWP15: Instagram Q&A and Collaboration Videos Coming

Episode notes:

  • Thank you to the following contributors:
    • Scott Griffith
    • Matthew Lewis
  • Instagram
  • Breaking News:
    • Nick – alarm clock table and quick desk build
    • April –Lathe Stand, getting ready for Atlanta
    • Jay –dovetailed suspended utensel shelves
  • Submitted Questions:
    • zwirt2 – I need an affordable sharpening set up. Not looking to drop hundreds on Shapton stones or use the Tormek or scary sharp. Honing guide and stone recommendations would be great! (plane restore & diamond stones)

    • thepiworkshop – What do you do with your sawdust when your collection bag is full?

    • Jden3 – what are your thoughts on the Origin Shaper?

    • wtfnameis – April who’s the bigger joker Jay or Nick I knw u guys gotta have a lotta fun working together . Thanks all of you for the great info y’all provide

    • Braxton Wirthlin – We all know woodworking is awesome, but what are some things you all enjoy doing outside the shop?

    • edjhiii – Which glue do you all use (titebond II, III or even Elmer’s and any reason why?

    • Ox In The Shop – Joinery? What are y’all’s favorite methods and least favorite and why do you like and dislike them?

    • Bud Heffner – Favorite ninja turtle… Annnnnd GO!

    • Matt DiResta – Love the podcast guys!! Much love ! Do you like making custom stuff for customers.?

    • Nicholas Gomez – How do you handle rejection from your spouse after showing them your latest project ?

    • Alex Wulf – I have a bunch of extra screw and drill bits in addition to my box sets. These extra bits don’t have a home and I can’t seem to find an empty storage case that’s comparable to the Mbps sets you can by. Do you have any suggestions on bit storage?

    • Joshua Luther – I just acquired an old used lathe that came with some traditional tools. I currently don’t have a slow speed grinder to sharpen them. How would I go about sharpening them in the time being until I can afford a bench grinder? Should I make my own carbide lathe tools or should I save up for a bench grinder?

    • Ricky chisum – If space was unlimited and the budget was pretty open how would you build your shop? Size, framing material, 220 V electrical in the floor, dust collection in the floor?


  1. Joshua Luther

    Thank you for answering my question about the slow speed grinder. I can’t afford one right now but did find an electric motor on Craigslist for $10 that I’m going to convert into one. It runs at 1725rpm. I’ll just have to get a wheel and make a guard and tool rest. So if anyone else has a need for a grinder, this is a good optionn to go with.

  2. Kyle thomas

    I sharpen all of my turning tools by hand. I know it sucks without having a slow speed grinder. But the way I do it is I have the lansky sharpening system. Basically a bunch of sharpening stones about four inches long and a half inch wide. I believe this size works well for gouges and other odd shape tools. One thing I will say though is if you keep on top of your sharpening and not let it get too dull, you only have to strop or touch up with a really fine stone. Love the show guys!

    1. Kyle thomas

      Sorry just want to add in, I do it free hand and just hold the stones at the correct angle to match. It take a little bit of time to get them sharp the first time. But after that, honing is a breeze

  3. Jeff Aradine

    Thank you Nick, April, and Jay for doing this podcast. I found it a couple months ago and have been eagerly listening to every episode. You have re-inspired me to get back into woodworking and realize that my shop is my happy place. Keep up the good work and know you have many fans. Representing Oregon in your listener base and hope you’ll make it out west sometime.


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