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TWP14: How Do YOU Build Cabinets?

Episode notes:

  • Thank you to the following contributors:
  • Breaking News:
    • Nick – just got back from New York and finishing loose ends on projects
    • April – finished the fence, working on a lathe stand now
    • Jay – is back in the shop working on a painting easel
  • Submitted Questions:
    • Brian Glendenning – I need to build some shop cabinets, but have never built plywood cabinets before. I have the tooling for all of: pocket holes, dominos, or rabbets and dadoes. Which technique should I use? Would the answer changes if I was building cabinets for the kitchen rather than my shop?
    • thedanhelfgott – Are you guys involved in any local woodworking clubs or is the YouTube community your “club”?
    • austin – How do you guys make money working in your shops? How do you choose projects that will make money and how do you market and sell your work? I’d love to make money with my hobby but I’m not sure how to go about it. I don’t know about marketing or sales and I don’t know what people want to buy. help!


  1. Mike Candella

    I will be at WIA and hope see all three of you there. I am good for a meet up either night. Staying at the Embassy Suites

  2. Laura

    About the hearing protection…mine have built-in speakers, so i put them on when i start in the morning and take them of when i am leaving the shop :) i listen to music and podcast pretty much all day and my ears are always protected. i think the brand is called zekler.
    great episode guys! i enjoy your podcast quite a lot

  3. Bruce A. Ulrich

    You had mentioned putting up a poll about the different types of hearing protection. I didn’t see one, so I’m just commenting here. I don’t prefer any of the earmuff type that I have used. I am a glasses wearer, so they tend to hurt my hears a lot. Plus, I find them even more cumbersome when wearing a respirator, which I do quite often. With a lot of allergies, I try to wear it as often as possible while in the shop around dust. I like the earplug type…I found some 3M ones with the 3-level Christmas tree type that I can put in and take out very easily, and protect well. Since they are easy, I just hang them around my neck when not in use, and then pop them in before I use a tool. Or, I just leave them in all of the time. They’re comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

    Enjoyed the show!

  4. Julian Dolce

    I had the same problem with ear muffs. I always forget to put them on. I also got frustrated with not being able to hear the music over the tools, specificially the planer. So I ended up buying these.
    I like them a lot and they stay on all of the time when I am working. Having the Bluetooth option is key so I can play whatever is on my phone.

  5. Paul

    Hi everyone, I really enjoy all of the content you put out.

    I’m not usually one to comment, but, I think April should look into Carl Holmgren’s “Retracting Casters”. He has a YouTube channel and has made them for a lot of the large tools in his shop.

    Hope it helps. Thanks again for the great content.


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