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TWP12: Collaboration Trip Recap

Episode notes:

  • Thank you to the following contributors:
    • Kenneth Pace
  • Breaking News:
    • Nick – Editing collaboration videos and planning what’s next.
    • April – Editing collaboration videos and starting the fence project.
    • Jay – Editing collaboration videos and thinking about downsizing a couple shop items.
  • Referenced Channels, Videos, or Websites:
  • Submitted Questions:
    • Ben – Question: How has being a woodworking content creator changed the way that you work in your shop for better and/or worse? For example, knowing that there are armchair quarterbacks and trolls ready to pick apart any POTENTIALLY questionable thing in the comments, do you find yourself being more safety conscientious? Do you want to use tools and techniques or learn skillsets you wouldn’t have if you didn’t make videos? And the follow up: do you work differently when the cameras aren’t rolling?
    • Paul Foster – My question is with regards to sharpening chisels. What are your thoughts with regards to sharpen method of a hollow grind (as you would get from a grinding wheel) vs grinding a flat angle (as you would get from using a sharpening stone) on chisels? Do you have a preference? Do you think there may be an advantage from on technique over the other?
    • David Gunn – having u 3 in one shop, what was most fun; biggest surprise; & biggest adjustment to working around the others


  1. JLewis

    Here I am being a troll again but April mentioned welding extensions onto her concrete filled steel fence posts. This triggered something in the in the back of my mind from some of my fab classes and welding instructors about never welding on concrete. Introducing the heat to the concrete can cause the concrete to explode. I tried doing an quick internet search on the effects of this and this is on link discussing the exact same thing. I know April is new to welding but maybe a call to Diresta or one of your fab buddies to verify my memory might make the fence project more enjoyable. I do enjoy the podcast but I doubt I will never learn how to provide information in text that is polite.

  2. David Moffitt

    I love how one show always leads me to go back to see if ever I missed any others. I find them very entertaining, while I am working out the plans for my next project. Can’t wait to see the shares of the new videos of the collaboration.

  3. William Valentin

    This is the best Woodworking Podcast out there. The way you three collaborate and bounce things off one another is wonderful. April, I’m a fan and I think it’s great that you were able to pick -up new tricks and techniques from Jay and Nick. No one knows it all (Although Nick and Jay do know a great deal) and you guys creating content on Youtube and your individual web sites makes the U.S. heck the whole woodworking world so much better. I’m old enough to remember woodworking before the internet. I was so hard to get info. You would have to glean your information from Magazines, Books in the library or find a school and take a class. We have come a long way and you guys and gal are the new cutting edge. Love you all. I wish you great success. Please keep growing and sharing.


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