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TWP11: Road Trip Ahead!

Episode notes:

  • Breaking News:
    • Nick – Renovating house and shop.
    • April – Welding practice.
    • Jay – Trying to find my happy thought so I can fly like Peter Pan.
  • Submitted Questions:
    • Chris – I just got my first table saw! Hooray! I noticed that none of you use the guard on your saws. Though I am confident with and have a healthy respect for the power of the saw and keep away from the saw as much as possible, I am still a newbie. Would you recommend me use the guard? How long until I “graduate” and can take it off?
    • Paul – I was wondering about “work flow” when setting up a shop. I have heard this term many time but truthfully I am not sure if I understand what it actually is and how to actually look at my space and try to determine how to set it up. Can you discuss what work flow is and how to think about workflow when setting up a shop? 
    • Rob Sloyer – I’ve heard all of you mention your compressor setups, and it sounds like you all have pretty large, 220v?, 50+ gallon, compressors. Can you guys talk about compressed air in a little more detail? What compressor do You use, why, and what would you do the same Or differently if buying today? What air tools do you use and for what tasks? What advice do you have regarding compressed air, compressors, and air tools.



  1. Dave (KSFWG)

    I listened to the end…. and I’m letting you know. 😉

    I enjoyed this podcast a lot. But then again, I’ve enjoyed every one of them.

    I learned to use a table saw old school — but that’s because I’m old. My dad’s table saw is an 8 inch Sprunger F8. He bought it in 1954 (I think). It doesn’t have a riving knife, a splitter, anti kick back pawls, or blade guard. But it was a heck of a little saw. That’s what I learned on. Today, I use a riving knife, except when using dado or box joint blades. The other safety equipment I don’t use. But that’s just me. I wouldn’t tell anyone to not use all the safety equipment — but I won’t tell them to use it. That’s the individual’s choice as far as I’m concerned. They know far better what they are comfortable with than I do.

  2. Rick Hart

    Would love to see you three work on some projects with inlay, specifically different methods which would include using chisels, cnc or router. I’ve seen a few vids on inlay, but most of the set up is usually left on the cutting room floor. Enjoyed meeting you all at WIA 2015 in KC.

  3. Bryan

    I love the podcasts, lots of information, but I think the podcasts need to be longer. One thing that I find is that you guys are often drifting away from woodworking topics. You each have different methods of building that are interesting to all of us. And I’d love to see that highlighted in a different way. So how about a bit of a challenge?

    I’d love to see each of you build something in your own way. Like a sofa end table. All of them have to be same dimensions. Jay, you get to only use hand tools. April, you can use any tools you want. Nick, you can only use power tools. Make a youtube video for each of your builds and point your viewers to the podcast for more details. Discuss each of the builds on the podcast, including the tools that you used, the joinery methods, the wood that you used, finishing methods and techniques. That is something that I think would be interesting

  4. Andy

    I couldn’t tell from the discussion if Arpil’s truck has a bed liner, but some truck bed liners have molded shelves that are designed to hold a 2×4 across the front and back of the bed similar to Jay’s truck. This might be an option that would protect your truck bed and not require building a rack.

  5. Brett W.

    I listened to the end! I also enjoyed the ambience the wind chimes and birds gave to the podcast! Thanks April!!

  6. Timothy Hall

    Listened to the end.

    +Nick Ferry – What is the best Gaffer’s Tape you have come across?

    I have tried some DevekTape brand and I find that it’s adhesive is a bit weak. I remember buying a roll 10 years ago at a photography supply shop (out of business now) that was exceptional. I use it to protect the grommets on my racquetball rackets. Similar tape is available for the expressed purpose but in very small quantities:


  7. Ben R.

    I listened to the end.


    My little 4 year old girl likes watching your videos with me.
    She got a real kick out of watching you build the lean to.

  8. Adam

    Nick – I listened to the end. :o)

    I have a question for all three of you regarding Hearing Protection. I am in the process of adding a Dust Collector to my shop and I know that sound levels will be increasing dramatically, so I should start wearing hearing protection. One thing I have been debating is if I get something with Blu-tooth so I can continue to listen to my music when I am working. Or should I get a set that has a cord and use my MP3 player. Or do I get a basic set that isn’t fancy and just protects my ears.

    What do you guys use for hearing protection and do you have a preference of Ear Bud style or Ear Muffs? And do you have a set where you can continue to listen to music or an audio book, ect. or a basic “makes the world quiet” set?



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